The search for a successful school franchise partnership in India can be prolonged and tedious if one doesn’t know where or what to look for. Several imponderables and uncertainties can cause a seemingly good collaboration to falter for lack of due diligence. Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Schools has designed a highly effective school franchising model to give aspiring schools a successful launch and run.

What should edupreneurs lookout for while entering into a school franchise partnership to set up their own school? The short answer is a lot. In today’s competitive set-up of school franchising, where brands vie to outflank each other with cosmetic offers to lure investors, it is wise to take a practical approach and do all necessary due diligence for choosing the best school franchise partnership.

Here, we present before you some hard facts and genuine reasons for choosing Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of School – a conglomerate with 14 K12 schools – as your franchise partner in starting your own school.


Legacy matters. It does especially in the education sector where new technologies and advanced pedagogies are perpetually changing the teaching and learning processes. The longer the legacy a school brand has, the more experience and expertise it has to transform with these changes and make your partnership a fruitful one. Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Schools has a legacy of 76 years in education. Apart from the K-12 segment, the group has made its presence in the pre-primary domain as well with 3 successful preschools.


The brand name Seth Anandram Jaipuria School is associated with trust, credibility and performance. This has been more than established with a recent Great Place To Work certification to the group for the year 2021-22. Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group was evaluated for its work culture, environment, pride, camaraderie, credibility, maximizing human potential, trust, values, leadership, innovation, a great place for women, and corporate social responsibility etc. through employee survey and culture audit. This certification is regarded as an important step for an organization to build a High-Trust High-Performance Culture.


The most outstanding feature of the franchise partnership with Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group is the 360-degree support the group provides to its partners. Right from the design oversight of the school building to promoting the school on multiple platforms, the group assists its partners actively in various operational areas, such as, planning and designing the curriculum, drawing the academic calendar, business planning, marketing and IT support.


To maintain high standards of performance, the group conducts a comprehensive audit of all partner schools every year. The Jaipuria Audit Platform for Performance (JAPP) provides a thorough evaluation of all the staff of partner schools. Based on this assessment, the schools are accorded ratings and given guidance to enhance their performance.


Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group Of Schools has been building the 21st-century competencies in teachers through Saamarthya Teachers Training Academy of Research (STTAR), Ghaziabad, which is supported by Jaipuria School of Business. The group helps and guides its partner schools in building and developing human resources for successful operations.


The group’s special Academic Team conducts the online Class Room Observations (CRO) to examine the quality of teaching at all partner schools. These observations are often done in real-time and they help to identify the areas of improvement in education delivery.


Qualified and skilled staff is indispensable to the efficient running of a school administration. Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Schools guides all partner schools in the recruitment of staff – right from identifying the human resource needs to posting job openings and conducting thorough screening for the right candidates. 


A good performance speaks for itself. Many of the partner schools of Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Schools have gone on to perform exceptionally well. Some have been ranked as the Best Schools in the City by Education World India School Rankings.Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Schools has itself been awarded the ‘Leading K12 Chain of Schools in India’ by elets.


Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Schools is on the trajectory of phenomenal growth. The group presently has partner schools in the cities such as Unnao, Alambagh, Sitarganj, Varanasi, Satna, Mirzapur, Rae Bareli, Dibiyapur, Naini, and Nanpara among others. Moving ahead, the group plans to expand its reach to Tier II & Tier III cities by opening 25 K12 schools across North India in the next 5 years.


Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Schools is not just a big brand to be reckoned with. Complementing the group’s formidable market presence are its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Every year, the group undertakes elaborate tree plantation campaigns. Seth Anandram Jaipuria Charitable Eye Hospital, established in Nawalgarh, Rajasthan, in 1943, has served more than 2 lac patients with affordable eye care. In the latest initiative, the teachers’ training academy STTAR and Uttar Pradesh government have collaborated to provide ICT training to 10,000 teachers of government secondary schools in UP. All the partners entering into the Seth Anandram Jaipuria Franchise will benefit from this positive social image of the group.











Written By
Anirban Bhattacharya
AVP-Partner Schools
Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions