Our approach involves use of modern resources to develop and inspire young minds to think, question and create, encouraging the 4 C’s– Curiosity, Critical thinking, Communication and Clarity. The idea is to continuously integrate leading edge technology with latest pedagogical innovations to provide diverse collaborative platforms to each of our students.


Problem solving through PBL (Project Based Learning) requires critical thinking, collaboration, and various forms of communication. MI (Mutliple Intelligence), STEAM, ATAL Tinkering labs, SEN (Special Education Needs), ROBOTICS, MATH LABS, LANGUAGE LABS, MICROSOFT EDUCATION along with various activities focused on environmental issues and community service catering to cognitive, socio-economic and linguistic diversities help in preparing socially responsible citizens of tomorrow.


Co-scholastic activities encourage every student to learn beyond subjects and bring out their social skills, intellectual skills and moral values, which help in personality development and character building. ‘Sangeet 4 all’ has been introduced for the primary classes which has greatly enhanced joyful conceptual learning in literacy and numeracy. The students not only participate enthusiastically in sports, cultural events, library activities, CSR, creative arts etc., but have brought laurels by winning awards.


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