• India has the largest population in the age bracket of 5-24 years, a large English speaking segment for easy delivery of educational products and policy support from Indian Government.
  • The Indian education market is expected to almost double to $180 billion (18000 crores) by 2020 from an estimated US$ 91.7 billion (9170 crores) in FY18, according to a 2016 report by management consulting firm Technopak.
  • K-12 segment with a market share of 52 percent is emerging as one of the most attractive domains for learning providers in India. As of now, there are 1.5 million schools in the K-12 segment with 1.1 million of these schools being run by the government. Additional capacity requirement is 40 million and a demand for education exists both at the student as well as employment level.
  • As per a survey, 16% CAGR growth projected in the K 12 segment from 2016-2020
  • Additional capacity of 40 million to be added by the year 2020.
  • An additional requirement of 2 million teachers by the year 2020.

Interested parties who  are keen to open a K 12 school need to  have land parcels with and  area of 2 to 4 acres. While looking at the land parcel, the following are also taken into account-

  • The land should be near pockets of population, not too far from the main city, well connected by roads.
  • Visibility of the land should be good from the main roads.
  • The plot should not be near a railway line/ Canal or High Tension Wires.

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