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The Indian education sector is on the cusp of a great transformation. School Franchising, a model which involves a symbiotic relationship between an established school brand and potential investors, is going to be the buzzword in the months and years ahead.

As per expert estimates, the Indian education market is expected to grow up to USD 225 billion by 2025. Over a quarter of India’s population is in the age group of 0-14 years, and this age group will drive the demand for quality education in this decade of the 21st century.

School Franchising will be instrumental in meeting the rising demand, particularly in the far-flung areas of the country, where surging population and middle-class aspirations will bring about exponential growth in the education market.

For any investor to select the best of the institution, should consider the ‘ABCD of School Franchise’:

  • Academic support system
  • Brand and its legacy
  • Care and commitment
  • Detailed project planning

The biggest benefit of School Franchising is that it gives the aspiring edupreneurs a leg-up into the education industry. Partnering with established school brands brings a lot of value to a new school. The franchisor provides 360-degree support to the franchisee in the form of academic support, hiring and training of teachers and staff, drawing up the yearly academic calendar, assistance in marketing and publicity, and IT support, etc. In return, the franchiser gets to diversify the business, expand market reach, and build up the brand value. Potential investors are ideally placing to achieve their own goal in quick turn-around time.

School franchising also helps to mitigate business risks for new entrants in the education sector. The brand reputation and recognition of the Franchisor help the franchisee in capturing a good share of the market. The franchisor provides architectural and vendor support during the construction phase of the school building and does all necessary hand-holding to ensure a successful launch of a new school.

The result is a mutually beneficial partnership with a great potential for financial success. A series of Investor webinar is planned to help the potential investors to know the technical know-how on planning for a school franchise. The first edition is scheduled on 27th  June 2021. Register free to attend the webinar at











Written By
Anirban Bhattacharya
AVP-Partner Schools
Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions

Source – Brainfeed Magazine
Post Link – brainfeedmagazine.com/school-franchising-an-emerging-opportunity-in-the-education-sector
Published on June 4, 2021

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